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Flash Trainer Code Snippets for VB6 [Tutorial]

-Eyes (To Read).
-It will probably help if you have basic knowledge of VB6.
-A heart of Gold.
1. How To Set Variables?
2. How Do i use a Textbox to Set a Variable Value?
3. How do i Set a Variable with User Definable Variable and Value?
4. How do i get the value of a Variable?
5. How do i use an Input Box to Set a Variable?
6. How do i make a Drop Down Menu?
7. How do i make a Sub Drop Down Menu?
8. How do i make a Message Box?
9. How do i Force Load?
10. How do i set a Custom Swf?
11. How do i load a Swf from a file where my trainer is?
12. How do i Clean one SWF layer?
13. How do i clear all SWF layers?
14. How do i save my project as an .EXE
15. How do i make another Form?
16. How do i put a password on a Program? (Stupid)
17. How do i Freeze a Variables Value using a CheckBox?
18. How do i unload multiple Forms when i quit Form 1?
19. How can i have different Buttons from the Defult ones?
20. Is there a different way to have Customized Buttons?
21. How can i freeze a Variable Value using a timer?
22. How do i make my Form a circle?
23. How do i make my form See Through? (Transparent)
24. How do i use Hot-Keys to Set a Variable or Enable a Timer?
25. How can i shorten certain Commands?

1. How do i set a Variable?
-Put a button or whatever.
-In the buttons coding put
Call ShockwaveFlash1.SetVariable("variable here",value)

2. How Do i put a use a Textbox to set a Variable Value?
-Make a Textbox.
-Make a button.
-Double click the button.
-Put this in your buttons code.
Call ShockwaveFlash1.SetVariable("variable here", Textbox1.Text)

3. How do i set a variable with user definable Variable and Value?
-make 2 textboxes.
-Make a button.
-Put this code in the button
Call ShockwaveFlash1.SetVariable(Text1.Text,Text2.Text)

4. How do i Get the value of a Variable? (Textbox)
-Make 2 Textboxs and a Button.
-Double click the button and put in its coding
On Error Resume Next
Text1.Text = ShockwaveFlash1.GetVariable(Text2.Text)

If you want it to show the value in a Label put
Label1.Caption = ShockwaveFlash1.GetVariable(Text2.Text)

5. How Do i use a Input Box to Set a Variable?
-Make a Button
-Double Click the Button
-Put in this code. (Using Money as a Example)
Dim Money As String
Money = InputBox("How Much Money You Want?", "Set Money")
Call Flash.SetVariable("_root.TotalMoney", Money)

This Would show up as this.

This defines money as a string. If you dont know what this means use the mthod below.
The simple way
-Double click a Button.
-Put this in the coding
Call ShockwaveFlash1.SetVariable("Variable Here", InputBox("Your Message", "InputBox Title")

6. How do i make a Drop Down Menu?
-Click CTRL + E.
-Type in Caption what you want the Tab to say.
-Type in the Name what you want the Tab to show up as in the code.

7. How do i make a Sub Drop Down Menu?
-Click CTRL + E.
-Click the down arrow in the interface. You should be below the origional Drop Down Menu caption.
-Click the Arrow going right.
-Type in the Caption and Name.
It should look like this when you click on the Main Tab.

8. How do i make a Message Box?
-Make a button.
-Double Click it.
-In the code put
MsgBox "Put Your Text Here"

This will look like.

9. How do i Force Load?
-Double Click a button or your form.
-in the code put
ShockwaveFlash1.Playing = True

10. How do i set a custom SWF?
-Make a Textbox.
-Make a Button.
In the Buttons coding put
ShockwaveFlash1.LoadMovie 1, Text1.Text

11. How do i load a SWF from inside a folder where my trainer is?
ShockwaveFlash1.LoadMovie 1, App.Path & "\SWF.swf"

12. How do i Clear one SWF layer?
ShockWaveFlash1.LoadMovie 1, ""

13. How do i Clear all SWF layers?
-Example up to 100 layers
Dim layeri As Integer
layeri = 1 'if you put 0 it will clear main swf'
Do Until layeri = 100 'loop to 100'
ShockWaveFlash1.LoadMovie layeri, ""
layeri = layeri + 1 'prepare for next loop'

14. How Do i Save My Project as a .EXE?
-Click FILE.
-Then click Make Project1.Exe

15. How do i make another form?
-Go to Project.
-Click New Form.

16. How do i put a Password on a program i made?
-Make 2 Forms.
-Make a Textbox and Button on Form1.
-Double click the button and put
If Text1.Text = password here Then
Form2.Visible = True
End If

17. How do i freeze a variable using a checkbox?
-Make a checkbox
-make a timer double click it and put
Call ShockwaveFlash1.SetVariable("variable",value)

-Set the timers interval to 1
-double click the checkbox and put
If Check1.Value=1 Then
End If
If Check1.Value=0 Then
End If

18. How do i unload multiple forms when i click exit on form1?
-Double click Form1.
-Change the funtion so it says
Private Sub Form_Unload()

-Put below it
Call Unload (Form2)
Unload Me

You can use this on any form. So it could go up to Unload Form13 and beyond.

19. How can i have a different button from the normal ones?
-Download this
-Go to VB6
-Click CRTL + D
-Select all the contents of the Styler Buttons folder.
-Click the icon thats now in your tool bar.

20. Is there a different way to have customized buttons?
-You can make your own.
-Go to Paint, Gimp, Photoshop etc.
-Make a button.
-Go to VB.
-Click the picture button.
-Put in your code.

21. How can i freeze a Variable Value using a timer?
- Make a timer.
- Put in Set variable (value and everything else)
-Set the timers interval to 5.
-Put the timer.Enabled to false.
-Make a button that has Timer1.Enabled=True in it.

22. How do i make my form a Circle?
Private Declare Function CreateEllipticRgn Lib "gdi32" (ByVal X1 As Long, ByVal Y1 As Long, ByVal X2 As Long, ByVal Y2 As Long) As Long
Private Declare Function SetWindowRgn Lib "user32" (ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal hRgn As Long, ByVal bRedraw As Long) As Long

Inside the form
Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim lngRegion As Long
Dim lngReturn As Long
Dim lngFormWidth As Long
Dim lngFormHeight As Long

lngFormWidth = Me.Width / Screen.TwipsPerPixelX
lngFormHeight = Me.Height / Screen.TwipsPerPixelY
lngRegion = CreateEllipticRgn(0, 0, lngFormWidth, lngFormHeight)
lngReturn = SetWindowRgn(Me.hWnd, lngRegion, True)
End Sub

23. How do i make my form See-Through? (Transparent)
Public Const GWL_EXSTYLE = (-20)
Public Const WS_EX_TRANSPARENT = &H20&
Public Const SWP_FRAMECHANGED = &H20
Public Const SWP_NOMOVE = &H2
Public Const SWP_NOSIZE = &H1
Public Const HWND_NOTOPMOST = -2

Declare Function SetWindowLong Lib "user32" Alias "SetWindowLongA" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal nIndex As Long, ByVal dwNewLong As Long) As Long

Declare Function SetWindowPos Lib "user32" (ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal hWndInsertAfter As Long, ByVal x As Long, ByVal y As Long, ByVal cx As Long, ByVal cy As Long, ByVal wFlags As Long) As Long

Inside the form
SetWindowPos Me.hwnd, HWND_NOTOPMOST, 0&, 0&, 0&, 0&, SWP_SHOWME

24. How do i use Hot-Keys to Set a Variable or Enable a Timer?
Put this in your Declarations.
Private Declare Function GetAsyncKeyState Lib "user32" (ByVal vKey As Long) As Integer

Then put this in to set a variable
Private Sub GetAsyncKeyState(vbKeyT)
Call Shockwaveflash1.SetVariable("var", Value)
End Sub

For a timer put in the timers sub.
If GetAsyncKeyState(vbKeyT) Then
Timer1.Enabled = True
End Sub

25. How can i shorten certain Commands?
Say you had 5 lines of code saying.
Call ShockwaveFlash1.SetVariable("_root.gun.1", 1)
Call ShockwaveFlash1.SetVariable("_root.gun.2", 1)
Call ShockwaveFlash1.SetVariable("_root.gun.3", 1)
Call ShockwaveFlash1.SetVariable("_root.gun.4", 1)
Call ShockwaveFlash1.SetVariable("_root.gun.5", 1)

You could shorten this by doing this.
dim num as byte
num = 0
do until num = 5
Call ShockwaveFlash1.SetVariable("gun." & num, 1)
num = num + 1

An alternative method,
for x = 0 to 5
Call ShockwaveFlash1.SetVariable("gun." & x, 1)
next x

SnowFox- Alternative code.
MatthewThe2- For a couple of commands
Someone Else Who Ive Forgotten- Ditto
Epic Cat Garfield- For reminding me of shortening command code.
-And a snippet of his code.

New Header

You will have probably noticed the new site header. This is just a crap one being put there for the time being while i work on a decent one.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for the new header leave a comment.


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New Poster :D

Hi I Am The New Trainer Poster at

I Will Post My New Stick Arena Ballistic Trainers (New Sab Trainer coming soon) and Some Other Flash Trainers By Me.

Bye, ~ZeXro

Pineapple: Also see this post.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Using R4ZCHEAT (Hacking Flash Games)

Today I'm going to tell you about a program called R4ZCHEAT.

Click Here for larger images.
R4ZCHEAT was made by a person called r4z13ll. It was made to help people be able to cheat on flash games and gain variables. (if you don't know what a variable is don't worry)
You can use the program to edit Gold or Ammo for example.

But before you can edit anything you need to find the SWF. A SWF is where the Game is loading from onto the current page.

How to get a games SWF.
Watch THIS video or follow the steps below.
Go to the Flash Game you want to cheat on.
2. Right click on the background and click "View Source".
3. Click "Ctrl" and "F" on your keyboard, a box should appear.
4. Type ".swf" into the box and click find.
5. There should be a link. As an example
6. The SWF usually the first you come to, but sometimes it isn't, look for the name of the game in the SWF, if the name isn't there, experiment. Go to the link and see if its right. Trail and error.

1. Now you have the SWF input it into R4ZCHEAT where it says "Movie URL".
2. Once its loaded and your in game. (Playing it). Click "Show Variables/Refresh".
3. Lots of stuff shoul dhave appeared in the Two columns. These are the variables under "_root"

To Find out what a Variable is Click Here

4. In a simple game you should be able to find the word "Gold" or "Ammo" etc in the column. For more advanced games, they may be Child Variables. Use the dropdown menu where "_root" is displayed and change it to another, then continue looking for "Gold" or "Ammo" etc.
5. Type the value you want to change your "Gold" or "Ammo" to, then click "Change".
6. The amount of "Gold" or "Ammo" you have should now have changed.

Other things you can do with R4ZCHEAT
1. Edit the framerate or which the Game is playing. Just move the slider up and down.
2. Instead of just showing variables you can show Functions, Objects and Nodes.
3. You can load Flash games you have downloaded by putting "C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR NAME\My Documents\GAME NAME HERE.swf".


Friday, 24 July 2009

Turbo Cyborg Ninja X Trainer


Click image for a bigger size.

-Unlimeted Arrows
-0 Time hack
-0 Deaths Hack
-Force Load
-Resizeable form and game.

Virus Scan Results


Friday, 10 July 2009

Ultimate Defense 2 Trainer

When looking through some of my old trainers i found a few that i hadnt published. This is one of them.


Click here for a bigger picture.
-Force Load
-Infinate Health
-Infinate Mana
-Infinate Gold
-Free Soldiers
-Free Spells
-Unlimeted Spin Slot


Other Download link

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